School of Basic Medical Sciences

The School of Basic Medical Sciences (SBMS) is the base of basic medical education for all the specialties and faculties of HNUCM. It was founded in 1977 and renamed SBMS in 2004. Now SBMS has 121 faculty members. Among them there are 18 professors and 24 associated professors. SBMS is responsible for the teaching and education of students of all levels: postgraduates, undergraduates, overseas students, etc. There are 11 departments, 2 research institutes and 1 teaching experiment center.

Five disciplines were authorized to grant doctor degrees and six were authorized to grant master degrees; one postdoctoral mobile station; 7 supervisors of doctoral programs and 34 of master’s programs. The school has trained 50 PhD and 200 master postgraduates. 3 experts are entitled to the state special allowance; 2 were granted titles as “Famous TCM Doctors of Hunan Province”; 1 Famous Provincial Teacher.

SBMS insists on educating students to be good citizens as well as teaching them knowledge and always do its best to improve and modernize its teaching facilities. SBMS has undertaken 1 national, 9 provincial and 20 university studies on teaching. In the past few years its faculty members were the chief editors of 13, associate editors of 17, co-editors of 30 course books. 20 monographs have been published. SBMS has been working on 70 research projects, 7 projects funded by National Natural Science Fund, 30 projects funded by Ministry of Education or provincial government.

Under the guidance of university policy and support of leaders, the School of Basic Medical Sciences has obtained great achievements on all aspects. With the development of the society, it will carry forward the tradition and forge ahead into the future. It is surly to keep pace with the times and strive for new glories in the coming future.

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